Prof Torbjorn Falkmer

Torbjorn Falkmer is Director of Program 3; 'Finding a place in society' of the Autism CRC and Professor of Occupational Therapy at Curtin University in WA.

Prof Falkmer will present in the Autism CRC Panel 3 - Finding a Place in Society. (Day 3, Symposium 11).

Employment and transition to post school options tools.

Overview: Transition into adulthood for adolescents with autism can be very difficult. Identifying the optimal career pathway planning is hard, since there are no tools specifically developed for people with autism. To further complicate the transition, no tools are available for employers who might employ them, in order to adapt their workplace.

While adults with autism have the capacity to contribute to society at a very high standard, they are unfortunately an underused workforce resource. So while they have the potential it is currently not happening. The barriers are multiple, but the Autism CRC funded Successful Transition Education Protocol - Autism Spectrum Disorders (STEP-A) career planning tool and the Integrated Employment Success Tool (IEST) have been developed to remove these barriers. Supported by integrated machine learning the tools are currently being scientifically tested across Australia.

Also presenting in this session are:
Prof Julian Trollor
Prof Nick Lennox.