Prof Nick Lennox

Nick Lennox is the Director of the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability and a Project Leader in the Autism CRC.

Prof Lennox will present in the Autism CRC Panel 3 - Finding a Place in Society. (Day 3, Symposium 11).

Autism Health Hub: Working with adults with ASC and the health professionals who support them to develop online health and wellbeing tools.

Aim: Less than 1% of autism research is focussed on adults; sparse evidence exists to guide health-related practice for this group. We aim to develop online, evidence-based resources that equip adults to address their own health needs and assist health professionals to better understand and respond to those needs.

Method: We have undertaken preliminary, formative research to better understand the needs of adults and the health professionals who support them. Work to date has focussed on what is needed to upskill health professionals and includes: (i) a scoping review of resources for health professionals working with adults with ASC; (ii) a survey of health professionals' training needs; (iii) qualitative interviews to determine how interactions with the health system can be improved. Our study is supported by a research advisory group and co-production with adults with ASC.

Results: Although there is little peer-reviewed evidence for health professionals working with adults with ASC, online resources (including videos, fact sheets, and clearinghouses) do exist; a summary of resources will be presented. Over 100 health professionals responded to our online survey; results, including their training needs, will be described.

Conclusion: We are committed to community-based, inclusive and outcome focussed research that is flexible and responsive to the needs of adults with ASC and the health professionals who support them. These findings will lead to the creation of useful, useable tools that contribute to real-world improvements in health and wellbeing for a too-often overlooked group.

Also presenting in this panel are:
Prof Torbjorn Falkmer
Prof Julian Trolllor.