Transforming Life After School what's next?

The theme for the fourth Asia Pacific Autism Conference APAC15 which begins this Wednesday in Brisbane and runs to Friday is Transforming Futures and includes a focus attention on Life After School for those with autism.

The sessions draw on the latest research available as well as first hand experiences in gaining employment, going to TAFE and University and examines challenges in health and wellbeing and building independence.

In Symposium 3, Peter Vermeulen from Belgium will present on ASD and Relationships: Clarifying the Challenge and the Challenge of Clarifying; Associate Professor Amanda Richdale will share her work on Supporting Young People in Tertiary Education, and Associate Professor Robyn Young will present on People with ASD in the Criminal Justice System.

In the Autism CRC Panel on Day 3 of APAC15, Professor Torbjörn Falkmer will examine Employment and Transition to Post School Options Tools while Professor Julian Troller will share research aimed at improving the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Professor Nick Lennox will present on the Autism Health Hub: Working with Adults with ASC and the Health Professionals who support them to develop Online Health and Wellbeing Tools.

The popular Studio G post-school program will feature in a short film which will screen in Concurrent Session 14 on Wednesday, September 9. It follows the lives of three teenage participants of the program and their transition to life after school. Research on the same program will be presented in Concurrent Session 12 on Thursday.

In other concurrents across the three afternoon of APAC15, Joanne Stephens shares the "I'll Do It My Way" story of a small business opportunity for her son; Tori Haar and Joel Wilson present options and insights from first hand experience in their "Leaving Home and Building Independence session during Session 14; and Berinda Karp will take the audience through How it Works – Transition and Orientation Program to TAFE.

University education and the needs, experiences and evaluation of peer mentoring groups are the focus of the four speakers in Session 14 on Thursday afternoon, September 10.

Investigating Factors of Success for Women with ASD is Amanda Webster's topic and Susan Bruck will present on Our Needs in Words – The Enduring Service Requirements of Adults with Autism; and Sarita Slater will present on Developing Programs to Enhance Participation and Independence for Adults with Autism in Accommodation Services.

The Relationships Between Sleep, Melatonin and Cortisol Levels in Adults with High-Functioning Autism is Emma Baker's topic; and Marita Falkmer shares the "Leaps of Faith": The Current and Ideal Transition Planning Processes for Adolescents with High Functioning Autism/Asperger's Syndrome.
Yosheen Pillay will talk about the Transition for Adolescents with ASD: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Teacher Perceptions; Thomas Kuzma will present An Aspie Odyssey – The Quest to Employment while Mozz O'Sullivan will present on Actively Improving The Employment Prospects for Those On the Spectrum – an Inside Practical Approach.

Jointly hosted by Autism Queensland and the Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders, the APAC15 program features clinicians, educators, researchers, people with ASD, parents and others involved in working with people on the spectrum for three days of expert learning.

To view the full program visit the APAC15 Program page.